How to get a summer SIX-PACK

You training won’t get you cut if you diet is out of whack.
need to be on your grocery list.
1. Kale: This leafy green is “calorie dilute”, meaning it’s relatively low in calories for its size and is packed with fiber. Kale is also loaded with minerals including calcium and iron.
2. Eggs: Forget that the yolks have saturated fat (which hace been wrongly labeled ass “bad”). Studies have shown that eating whole eggs for breakfast can help lead to greater fat loss because of the satiating effects of the foods fat and protein content. Egg yolks are also loaded with vitamins, including vitamin D, which is not found in high amounts in food and has been linked to fat burning.
3. Mushrooms: Very low in both total calories and carbs, not to mention fat-free, the Mushrooms’s main seling point is that it’s a very good source of vitamin-D which has been shown to aid in fat loss as well as boost testosterone and strength levels.
4. Walnuts: The abundance if healthy omega-s fats in Walnuts make it a great snack to tide you over until your next meal. Adding chopped Walnuts to salad or other recipes can instantly turn a carb-centric dish into a more balanced one.
5. Rolled Oats: We know, we know-oats are carbs, which to some are the abs’ ultimate enemy. But Oats can be six-pack friendly thanks to their resistant starch. Most starches get broken down into glucose and, ends up acting like fiber in the body.
6. Sweet Potato: Most starchy carbs should be eaten sparingly when try-ing to shed body fat because of their effect on insulin levels. When insulin climbs in response to a starch entering the bloodstream, fat burning shuts down. Sweet Potatoes are an exception. You’re likely to overeat them because of their fiber and water content. They’re also a good source of vitamins(A, B6) and minerals(manganese, potassium).
7. Brussels Sprouts: Loaded with vitamins and minerals, they’re one of the best sources of viaimin C you can find. (If you’re the type who’s avoided them since childhood, we won’t ask you to eat them a lot-although if you drizzle some olive oil over them, dust them with sea salt, and bake them, you may change your mind.) Sprouts are low in calories but high in fiber.
8. Avocado: The healthy fats and fiber content in avocados make it a great fat-burning food for one simple reason: satiety. You’ll feel fuller after eating only a small amount, making you less likely to overeat.
9. Hemp Seeds: This isn’t the frist food that comes to mind for most people when putting together a get-lean diet, but hemp seeds are loaded with complete protein and are also a decent source of omega-3 fats and fiber. Add these to your next shake, and you’re getting great muscle-building benefits on top of satiety.
10. Black Beans: Beans are another great multitasking food in that they provide fiber and are relatively low in calories to control cravings as well as being a source of protein. Black(And even lentil) beans are great to add to salads or to have on the side with another lean source of protein like lean beef, chicken, or fish.
11. Wild Salmon: Salmon is chock-full of nutrients that help you get better abs ASAP- specifically protein, omega-3 fats, vitamin D, and calci-um. Like a meal with eggs, dinner built around a Salmon fillet will leave you satisfied because it helps build and repair muscles.
12. Pears: How many people have you known who got fat from eating whole fruits? Zero. Like kale, pears are calorie di-lute and rich in fiber. They’re ideal for a guy who needs to make every food count while avoiding a calorie surplus.
Adding a little extra burn to a meal or snack is as simple as adding Ginger to a recipe, or Drinking Ginger tea, Recent studies have shown that Ginger can aid in muscle recovery as well as increase metabolism.
1. Eat protein at every meal
2. Don’t rule out carbs
3. Go easy on dairy
4. Use protein powders
5. Splurge on real desserts

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