NGO nVidia Optimized Drivers 2.9792

作者: | 2007-03-23

这是国外一个专门对nVidia/ATi显示卡驱动程式作最佳化的NGO对nVidia做最佳化调整过后的驱动程式,是从ForceWare 97.92做出来的,所以有支援nVidia全系列显示卡,我这张Ti4400都是抓的到滴。 :P

虽然只有英文版,但是一般闲闲没事不会去动到显示的设定吧 (H) 装了一天,还没发现有什么问题。官网也有论坛,有专门的讨论区研究及提出BUG回报,定时更新驱动,也有人提供新版的ForceWare(这篇nVidia ForceWare 100.95 for XP and Vista (x32/x64)),另外NGO也有针对ATi做最佳化的唷~ :D (Y)

玩NFS玩命山道时有感觉画面明显好很多,比较不会LAG,车体的细致度似乎也好像更好了。 (6)

NGO nVidia Optimized Drivers 2.9792

The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver is a modified version of the NVIDIA ForceWare driver. The main :purpose is to satisfy the users with better performance, image quality and compatibility. The NGO NVIDIA Optimized Driver can enhance your experience in games, multimedia and general usage. This project is especially suited for enthusiasts and gamers that want to have the best gaming experience.

This driver includes NVIDIA’s old Control Panel. We’ve preferred to include the old Control Panel over the new one due to flexibility and performance reasons. The Driver has support for all GeForce/Quadro cards – including mobile series (Go) as well. This driver has a special compatibility mode option that provides better stability, and workaround for some known bugs.

If you already installed v1.9792, we’re highly recommending updating it with this version instead. The second version (this one) includes fix for several games, refresh rate, GPU detection and some other minor issues.

– Based on NVIDIA ForceWare 97.92
– Added experimental support for GeForce 8800GTX
– Added experimental support for GeForce 8800GTS
– Added support for GeForce Go 7950GTX
– Added support for GeForce 6200A (v2.9792)
– Fixed resolutions detection bug
– Fixed product name detection bug (v2.9792)
– Fixed Installer bug (v2.9792)
– Added readme documentation in RTF format


NGO ATI Optimized Driver 1.7.2


Please uninstall your previous driver before proceeding with this installation. Please use the ATI Catalyst Uninstall Utility in order to Uninstall your current driver. We also recommend the use of DriverCleaner.

– Based on ATI Catalyst 7.2
– Updated ATI Tray Tools to v1.3.6.1007 with Crossfire support
– Added support for Radeon X1950XT
– Added support for Radeon X1950GT
– Added support for Radeon X1550
– Added support for Radeon X1200
– Added support for Radeon Xpress (RS600/RS690/RS482M)
– Added experimental support for Radeon Mobility (9500-X1800)
– Added experimental support for Radeon IGP
– Improved Driver Installation Method
– Improved Installer/Uninstaller
– Fixed several Installation/Uninstallation related bugs
– Fixed Incorrect Clocks bug
– Fixed Wide-screen resolutions bug (Don’t forget to use monitor drivers)
– Removed SmartGart AGP Page





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