SEVENTH VOID - Heaven Is Gone (Official)

SEVENTH VOID – Heaven Is Gone (Official)

Out of the ashes of the legendary Type O Negative, a new band emerges from the very heart of Brooklyn, New York. Type O Negative veterans Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly could not have chosen a better moniker for their new group, than the Dante-inspired “Seventh Void”. On the New Yorkers’ debut, it rains despair, sin, agony, fire, and doom metal in its purest form. Seventh Void needs not offer unnecessary embellishments. The quartet rightfully focuses on the genre’s quintessence: hypnotic riffs, heavy grooves, and haunting vocal lines. Kenny Hickey skillfully masters both guitar and vocal duties, while transforming songs like “Closing In”, “Broken Sky”, or the title-track into first-class doom anthems. The top-notch production emphasizes the album’s obscure character, as well as its unique Brooklyn spirit. “Heaven is Gone” is an album that will undoubtedly take more than just Type O Negative fans by storm. Beginning in November, Seventh Void will embark on a European tour in support of Monster Magnet!
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