Dragonforce – Inhuman Rampage

萬眾矚目的Dragonforce 即將推出新專輯Inhuman Rampage,依舊熱血沸騰啊啊啊啊啊啊啊(我在WINMX上已經抓完了 ? ),鼓、吉他、主唱、鍵盤的速度一樣是快的驚人,超熱血派金屬大咖團果然是不同凡響 ?

Inhuman Rampage – 09.01.2006 – Heavy Speed Metal

  • 1.Through the Fire and Flames
  • 2.Revliution Deathsquad
  • 3.Storming the Burning Fields
  • 4.Operation Ground and Pound
  • 5.Body Breakdown
  • 6.Cry for Eternity
  • 7.The Flame of Youth
  • 8.Trail of Broken Hearts
  • 歌詞
    Through the Fire and the Flames
    On a cold winter morning, in the time before the light
    In flames of death’s eternal reign we ride towards the fight
    And the darkness is falling down and the times are tough all right
    The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight
    Fighting high, fighting on for the steel
    Through the wastelands evermore
    The scattered souls will feel the hell that is wasted on the shores
    On the blackest waves in history
    We watch them as they go
    Through fire, pain and once again we know
    So now we fly ever free
    We’re free before the thunderstorm
    On towards the wilderness our quest carries on
    Far beyond the sundown, far beyond the moonlight
    Deep inside our hearts and all our souls
    So far away we wait for the day
    For the lights are so wasted and gone
    We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days
    Through the fire and the flames we carry on
    As the red day is dawning
    And the lightning cracks the sky
    They raise their hands to the heavens above
    As we send them to their lies
    Running back through the mid-morning light
    There’s a burning in my heart
    We’re banished from the time in the fallen land
    To a light beyond the stars
    In the blackest dreams we do believe
    Our destiny this time
    And endlessly we’ll all be free tonight
    And on the wings of a dream
    So far beyond reality
    All alone in desperation
    Now the time is gone
    Lost inside you’ll never find
    Lost within my own mind
    Day after day this misery must go on
    Now here we stand with their blood on our hands
    We’ve fought so hard now can we understand?
    I’ll break the seal of this curse if I possibly can
    For freedom of every man
    Revolution Deathsquad
    Flying over darkened skies the battle will call
    Destiny is calling Well be out of the storm
    And the world falls under the starlight
    Shining from heavens below
    Ride the wings of pain and sorrow searching for more
    Gliding on the tracks of pain, just never before
    And the stars fall on the horizon
    Onwards and up through the pain
    Ride the wind and fight the demon, steel shining bright
    Standing together forever onwards, flames burning strong
    I live in hell of pain and sorrow now and never onwards
    We stare into the dawn of a new world
    Cry out for the fallen heroes lost some time ago
    In our minds they still live on when the sands of time are gone
    Rise over shadow mountains blazing with power!
    Crossing valleys, endless tears, in unity we stand
    Far and wide across the land, the victory is ours
    On towards the gates of reason
    Fight for the truth and the freedom, Gloria
    Searching through the memories to open the door
    Living on the edge of life like never before
    When the crowd chants under the moonlight
    Facing their fears all the same
    Hell is spilling open wide enough for the core
    All this time well allied to the angels before
    And the world cries out from the silence
    Lost in the voices unknown
    I deny the force of evil, cries into the night
    Living before in the seas of darkness, now they’re all gone
    Out from the shadows storming on the wings of revelations
    Your soul will feel no mercy behind the door
    Hold on for the morning after never to let go
    When the fire’s burning strong
    And the time to try and hold on
    Storming the Burning Fields
    Bursting through the fires of empty
    Fatal warrior, battles are raging
    Power of darkness rise for the fight
    We虐e strong and stand our ground
    Death is all around us and my heart is beating weaker
    Fight the demon, power of immortal souls arise
    Fire in our hearts the evil rages on for evermore
    Burning in the cold the battle rages now
    Through damnation rise, sign of the times
    Master of bleeding eyes
    Thunder and high, look to the sky
    They’re never gonna take us down!
    And we will cross the evil standing
    On the ?in the fire
    Storming there beyond the lost horizons, oh
    Heroes of the night are calling
    See the promised land is falling
    Reaching for the powers deep inside
    On through the night
    Blinded by the hate and desire
    Burning in your heart like a fire
    Challenging you – suffer and fear
    Horizons seek control
    Blood spills all around us
    And our enemies grow nearer
    Sacrifice your life to have
    The journey you will ride
    Take us to the plains of death and carry on for evermore
    Riding on the wings of memories long gone!
    And you’ll die for your crimes, sign of the times
    Master of endless lies
    Fight to the end, now we ascend
    Together we will take them down!
    Operation Ground And Pound
    Smashing through the boundaries
    Storming through the burning fields
    Stand before the evil one
    Look towards the morning sun
    Falling under skies of pain
    Soul is searching endlessly
    Crashing over seven seas,
    Torture in the winter skies,
    Riding over plains of ice,
    Shadows in the fields of the slain!
    Crashing steel and raging fury
    Smash the glass destroy the army
    Crush the legions of the twilight
    Give us our steel on the way
    Cry far away as we reach for the day
    Blasting our way through the ?nishment and the pain
    Reach for the war as the sky begins to fall
    Rising through the darkened ashes
    Well never see our world
    Far away and ever onwards see the day
    For today the everlasting eternal sun
    Washed away the dreams of a brighter day
    Forever hold the dream inside
    The chance to fight another fight
    The breaking hearts will stand for all our lives
    With tonight, woah, woah?
    Watch you die, I watch you die inside
    While fate controls your life
    And reject this animosity
    That? piercing every mind
    You feel the power, do believe
    The fear you hold inside
    Choose to find a reason for the treason
    Now you will be mine
    Screams of pain are not the same
    And rise again from hell, defending
    Power of hearts within the fire
    Warriors of hell fear the slain
    Rise through the pain
    And the sun will rise again,
    Day after day but the memories never change
    Stand before the storm as the last horizon falls
    Riding on the wings of hell
    The innocence of our souls
    合唱 x 2
    Body Breakdown
    Silent screams and shattered dreams awash with this insanity
    Still lost within the misery and pain that lies inside
    Here alone the fight to breathe still searching for the truth to be
    Blackened by the burning fire held deep inside my mind!
    Far beyond the lost horizon standing on the shore
    Across the seas their hearts will bleed
    There? laughter waiting for?
    Taste the steel in pain we live
    For glory we defend
    Their fallen souls will rise to fight again!
    Stand here with me, this night we’ll be together
    Future in our hands we’ll fight with freedom glowing here
    Stand here with me for we will live forever
    Tonight we’ll stand and face it all
    Falling rain will hide the pain that lies beneath the burning flames
    All hope is gone so carry on before the world will fall
    Rise again to die in vain now life can never be the same
    Our own salvation drawing near, I hear the darkness call
    Skies are falling, thunderstorm and stand before the world
    We’re banished now to barren wastelands, fight the demon, oh
    Riding on through black and darkness, cross the endless sands
    We sail away, our victory at hand!
    Stand here with me
    Together we’ll be stronger
    Side by side we conquer lands
    And storm across the seas
    Die here with me
    We feel this pain no longer
    For now and never we will live
    In my heart, in my soul, I am out of control
    Fly across the mountains and towards the distant sun
    Tears evermore we cry like before
    Feel the breakdown of my body ?just set me free
    合唱 x 2
    Feel the breakdown of my body
    Just come and set me free
    Cry for Eternity
    Falling from the sky now, a sign of the burning sun
    Into the face of the evil one
    Nowhere to hide now we’re on the run right before your eyes
    We’re watching, we’re waiting, our souls are forsaking
    The sign of the warriors, where we will arise
    Through the fire and the flames, breaking the chains
    Into the night we go
    Time to pay, time of the slain
    Such as the death we know
    Our steel will shine forever through the dark and falling rain!
    We’ll see them face their fears; it’s time to rise again in everlasting pain
    Fly free for what we believe
    One thousands hearts bleeding the eternal dream
    Feel me the judgement of me
    So silently now they will heal – cry for eternity
    See now the fallen are new again,
    We feel the pain burn inside their head,
    Remember now what to be again, deep down inside
    Still cursing, still crawling, well endlessly falling
    The downfall of mankind, the fate of the sun
    Hold your head to the sky, bleeding we cry
    Screaming into the night
    Fire and pain, beginning again,
    Onwards to help me now!
    Stand strong we’ll live forever
    Raging through the barren lands
    Our eyes have seen the sorrow
    Far across the stars, the power in our hearts
    Fly far away to the end of our days
    The voices of long distant cries
    Now we remain in this labyrinth of pain
    And so we ride into the night
    Cry for eternity
    The Flame of Youth
    Close your eyes, hear the thundering rain
    Here inside of the torture and pain
    For the cries of the world and the last lives remain
    Hear your heart? way to die for the game
    Deep inside slowly fading away
    And the last breath’s in vain and the fear turns to rage
    Locked in the world by the fallen evil souls
    Torn right apart from the roughly seam
    Breaking my mind now to bring my life to war
    Reach out and die with the flames
    See through the lives of the red hot stabbing eyes
    Now is the time to defend your crown
    Destiny will call to remind us all
    We fly free so far from here there one thing Well relay
    And dreams of everlasting pain the fallen now rise again
    Through the fire, through the flames like the sun Well rise again
    Lost in time, lost in space to the end of other days
    See their endless ways: insanity
    The quest will rage, not meant to be
    In flames of hell forevermore eternally
    So free your heart leave your life far behind
    In the cold dark winter skies escape the pain inside
    Now feel your soul lost in scenes of all eternity
    Every day of this life, defending
    And the flames of youth not ending
    In a lifetime, searching, we must fight through the eternal pain
    So alone in the world far away, memories of the dream will remain
    As the world’s falling cold and your life’s all in vain
    Fire in your soul will forever rise again
    Nothing in your mind to remember now
    Held here by the fear of the dark land calling
    Fly free on endless seas, the final curtain falls
    On the ground from down below, the time to lock and to load
    Through the fire, through the rain, far across the distant plains
    Feel the wind beneath the steel as your mind becomes insane
    Save the hate of all humanity, their eyes belong to destiny
    For freedom now we rise alone again
    So free your heart leave your life far behind
    In the cold dark winter skies escape the pain inside
    And when the memories are all left behind
    And the days are gone forever, lost within my mind
    Now feel your soul burn in scenes of all eternity
    Every day of this life, defending
    And the flames of youth not ending
    In a lifetime, searching, we must fight through the eternal pain
    We fight through the eternal pain
    Trail of Broken Hearts
    Here we are far beyond the distant sky
    We’ve seen all the world and how the story will be over
    Through the snow and tainted mountains we have climbed
    Now we have found the light that guides us over
    Through the fallen rain we travelled far and wide
    And through the blackest darkness
    Stars above shining bright
    Through the sun and winter rain we’ll fall
    All our lives we have been waiting for a sound to call
    We’re walking hand in hand in dreams and endless time
    How do we know when we will leave this life behind?
    Staring life through eyes of mine to hate the fear and the pain
    There’s a feeling held deep inside – the life you live is in vain
    Fly away down the lonely roads of yesterday
    Close your eyes to see the light of latter days
    And all the memory that time can never heal
    With the trail of broken hearts flying free
    Once again we walk this lonely road
    There are times that we are wading through the rain and cold
    We’re lost in memories of what we left behind
    Relive the dreams, the endless screams of pain inside
    Lives are filled with emptiness
    The fear returned once again
    Searching endlessly now we will see
    Drown your mind in the pain
    The last temptation will be all that’s left for me
    When I see those tears you cry
    When I hear those lies you lie
    When I see your creation now for an enemy
    Is this the reason to be?
    The trail of broken hearts flying free
    馬雅唱片介紹:幽谷魔咒 – Valley Of The Damned – 2002
    馬雅唱片介紹:原子風暴 – Sonic Firestorm – 2004

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