EDENBRIDGE - Higher (Official)

EDENBRIDGE – Higher (Official)

The exceptional Austrian symphonic metal formation presents its long awaited album, Solitaire. Edenbridge fans will immediately recognize the signature sound of mastermind and guitarist Lanvall, who once again proves impressively capable of combining musical sophistication with catchy melody lines. Solitaire offers heavy guitar riffs, elaborate orchestral arrangements, and powerful drum parts. The musical foundation is crowned by Sabine Edelsbacher, whose singular voice carries the diverse compositions to new heights. The end result is a multi-faceted kaleidoscope of heavy metal songs (“Solitaire”, “Further Afield”) and power ballads (“Skyline’s End”) that through the prominent use of violins and beautiful vocal lines bring back strong memories of Loreena McKennitt. The final polish is the work of mixing guru Karl Groom (Threshold) and the mastering genius of Mika Jussila (Finnvox Studio). Solitaire is an atmospherically solid and technically masterful album that majestically sets itself apart from all prevalent clichés and will do nothing less than captivate symphonic metal fans!
The latest album from the symphonic metal masters!
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