EKTOMORF (2015) - Holocaust // official clip // AFM Records

EKTOMORF (2015) – Holocaust // official clip // AFM Records

EKTOMORF – Holocaust (2015) // official clip // AFM Records
Taken from the album”Aggressor”, to be released October 30th (EUR) and November 20th (US)!
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It was the Time,
hell on earth
blood and fire
They’re segregated all of them
With barbed wire
Racist domination
Humiliation, Deportation
Raised the Flag of Hate
Unleash the Horror
To kill a Nation
Never forget , Never forgive
That was the Holocaust
The camps of Death
Six million victims
A uniformed monster
The Angel of Death
The Apocalypse
Gas chambers of Auschwitz
Cremation,Mass murder
Fear factory
They killed the people with desire
Never forget , Never forgive
That was the Holocaust
Ektomorf on tour:
12.11.2015 Berlin, K17
13.11.2015 Cham, L.A. Cham
14.11.2015 Sand In Taufers, Archetype Festival Vol. IX
16.11.2015 Dresden, Chemiefabrik
18.11.2015 Sion, Le Port Franc
19.11.2015 Lenzburg, Met-Bar
20.11.2015 Montpellier, Le Secret Place
21.11.2015 Schüttorf, Komplex
22.11.2015 Herisau, Pontem
23.11.2015 Paris, Le Gibus
24.11.2015 Nantes, Le Ferailleur
26.11.2015 Sittard, tbc
27.11.2015 München, Backstage
28.11.2015 Lindau, Vaudeville
29.11.2015 Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik
30.11.2015 Frankfurt, 11-er
01.12.2015 Nürnberg, Hirsch
02.12.2015 Mörlenbach, Live Music Hall
03.12.2015 Ingolstadt, Eventhalle Westpark
04.12.2015 Jena, F-Haus
05.12.2015 Hamburg, headCRASH
06.12.2015 Bremen, Tower
07.12.2015 Ostrava, Barrak Club
08.12.2015 Brno, Melodka
09.12.2015 Ceske Budejovice, Fabrika
10.12.2015 Osnabrück, N8
11.12.2015 Gnadenstedt, Black Hand Inn
12.12.2015 Košice, The Collosseum
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關於 窮苦人家的小孩

In every democracy, the people get the government they deserve. ~Alexis de Tocqueville


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