GAMA BOMB - Give Me Leather (2018) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

GAMA BOMB – Give Me Leather (2018) // Official Music Video // AFM Records

From the new album Speed Between The Lines, out October 12th, 2018.
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Direted by Kiran Acharya
Starring Li Shen-Song as Lady Li
Filmed on location at Maison de Debauch, Edinburgh
Your submission is my perversion I need the friction, frisson, a mission To get the sick thrills that I love At night I slip outside as I stride with pride Inside the darkside Desire, like a foot in a leather glove There is no greater thrill I know So grip the whip and start the show We want it hard We want it fast Everyone’s paying the fee We want it here We want it now I want what’s coming to me Give me leather Crave the lash of ash on flesh Paying cash from a stash I flash when smashed In the grime of the neon show The underworld unfurls in curls Of showgirls with dirty pearls disturb As I laugh at every stinging blow A shortlist of the things I like: Whips and chains and motorbikes Axle grease and collar spikes Sadists who are businesslike Slipping out in dead of night I’ll pay a man to have a fight In the dark with narrow eyes I watch the violence fetishise In the morn with dawn I’m gone the line drawn Returning to the home to my spawn I keep my nose nice and clean And if we meet on the street or greet Looking neat you know I won’t miss a beat You’ll never know I’m obscene
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