GRAVE DIGGER ft. RUSSKAJA - Zombie Dance (Official Video) | Napalm Records

GRAVE DIGGER ft. RUSSKAJA – Zombie Dance (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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Out September 14
It might be the most surprising song GRAVE DIGGER has ever released. After nearly four decades of true German heavy metal, the time has come to reach out to different musical influences. After listening to “Zombie Dance” we know for sure that Polka and Metal fit perfect together. This collaboration with their labelmates Russkaja will make you dance, especially when it’s played live on their upcoming “Tour Of The Living Dead”. Be aware!
Chris Boltendahl on “Zombie Dance”:
“Polka and Metal – is that fitting? With “Zombie Dance” we are opening the gate to hell for every incarnate, true metalhead and GRAVE DIGGER fan.
But to be honest … the symbiosis between Metal and Polka turns out to be perfect and calls on everyone to dance and headbang.
You wanted PARTY – you’ve got it !!! With “Zombie Dance” and its video we give you a late summer hit in 2018. Whoever stands still or remains seated while this song is played is already dead or not born yet !!”

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