HEIDEVOLK - Nehalennia (Official)

HEIDEVOLK – Nehalennia (Official)

Heidevolk create with “Uit oude grond” a musical and lyrical monument for the legends and sagas of their homeland Gelderland. The sextet stays tenaciously true by enveloping Gelderland’s history in a compactly woven garb of folk and metal. Authentic traditional folk instruments meet the heaviness of the electric guitars and the thundering drums, providing the perfect setting for the sweeping clean vocals of both frontmen. “Uit oude grond” (Eng. trans.: From old soil) is a harmonious and genuine work that covers the wide spectrum of sing-along hymns, acoustic ballads, and epic heroic anthems. A pagan metal album for raised fists and mead-filled drinking horns.
Video Credits: Produced by Framecat Film and Video, with Zaza Wouters as Nehalennia. Also starring Festus, Kai, Höarn, Dorian, Yrmwulf, Martina, Maria, Lena and Heidevolk. With a big thanks to: Paul Braadvraat, Mieze Miesijerus, Altaya, Anny & Peter Westdijk and BO-EL Guitars.
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