HEIDEVOLK - Winter Woede (Official Video) | Napalm Records

HEIDEVOLK – Winter Woede (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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The Veluwe – mythical and utterly beautiful woodlands in the Netherlands – is the setting for Heidevolks fifth album Velua. Using this as a backdrop, the Dutch folk / pagan metal act paints a dark picture of ghosts, goblins and brigands in order to raise a monument for Gelderland: anthemic folk parts, clean male vocals and gritty metal provide the perfect soundtrack for the listeners journey to the sylvan halls of Velua!
Torak: Rouke Pouw
Soldier on the horse: Kevin Kok
Lady on the horse Michelle Willemsen
Soldiers: Noorderwind (Marc Trines, Olaf Wilting, Ticho Welschen, Lars Bech and Bas van Meel), Ronzo Bettelheim, Mark de Heer, Jeroen Schiebergen
Brigands: Heidevolk
Concept: Heidevolk and Kevin Theodoor Kok
Director: Kevin Theodoor Kok
Assistant director: Guus Tijssen
Production manager: Michelle Willemsen
Director of Photography: Tom Enzler
Visual effects: Niels Bosch
Make-up: Michelle Maas
Costume: Afke Westdijk, Anny Westdijk and Noorderwind
Editor: Roland de Jonge (Visual Engineers)
Grader: Rick Brussee and Bram Baas
Sounddesign: Joris Prakken
Assistant production manager: Jeroen van der Linden
Make up assistant: Sanne de Roos
Stunt coordinator: Rouke Pouw
Horse coordinator: Stal Kroes (Beek Gld)
Making-of: Joris Prakken
Catering: Peter Westdijk and Anny Westdijk
Location: Bergherbos (Natuurmonumenten Montferland)
Budgetcam, Marcel Dellink, Familie Staring, Karel van der Heijden, Willeke Snijder, Familie Kok en Familie Willemsen

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