HELLSAW - Trist | Napalm Records

HELLSAW – Trist | Napalm Records

The opener “The Devil Is Calling My Name” welcomes all who dare enter the uncompromising world of this Austrian black metal institution. Hellsaw’s characteristic sound runs rampant through each of the new tracks, in which furious blast beats and infernal guitar riffs are crowned by frontman Aries’
unmistakable and charismatic vocals lines.
The songwriting unites the musicians’ maturity with an unrestrained passion for black metal, thus creating an authentic atmosphere seldom experienced within the genre. With “Trist”, Hellsaw spearheads the scene and pays homage with true black metal anthems able to confirm the band’s undeniable supremacy.
An uncompromising black metal manifesto!
Video clip produced and directed by angst-im-wald

來源摸我 列印本文 列印本文

關於 窮苦人家的小孩

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