SALTATIO MORTIS - Hochzeitstanz | Napalm Records

SALTATIO MORTIS – Hochzeitstanz | Napalm Records
Though it’s only been a couple of months, since Saltatio Mortis reached the number 2 spot of the Media Control Charts with their live DVD “Wild und Frei”, they now return with their brand-new studio album “Sturm aufs Paradies”. It’s defiant and angry revolutionary undertones suggest an anti-authoritarian approach to life, in which chance should not be left to fate. Down-to-earth metal and rock sounds combined with melodic bagpipe arrangements result in danceable appealing tracks that quickly reach their dramatic climax: the entire range of human emotions from the gleeman’s perspective. Lyrically, Saltatio Mortis remain timely by taking on topics such as medical technology or the dangers of nuclear energy, while never neglecting their love of fairy tales and myth. Mastermind and drummer Lasterbalk is again responsible for the band’s lyrics, while frontman Alea delivers the prose with his wide range of vocal abilities: from the heavier metal tenor to the more soulful ballad-like approach. As in the past, Saltatio Mortis has teamed up with producer Thomas Heimann-Trosien for “Sturm aufs Paradies”. The close partnership guarantees quality. The impressive sound and artistic mastery found within the compositions and arrangements deliver a work that continues the forward-moving path of their previous rock albums “Aus der Asche” and “Wer Wind sät”


關於 窮苦人家的小孩

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