THE GRAVIATORS - Häxagram | Napalm Records

THE GRAVIATORS – Häxagram | Napalm Records

Brilliant Hard Rock from Sweden with a Pinch of Doom and Stoner Rock. First Orders will receive a FREE EXCLUSIVE FOLDED A2 THE GRAVIATORS Poster. Starting with the harmonious album artwork, the superb sound that manages to sound brilliantly on vinyl – while giving the listener the feeling that the needle of a record player is gently caressing a vintage vinyl – down to the compositions itself, THE GRAVIATORS’ “Evil Deeds” turned out to be an impressive album. The band revitalizes the spirit of the 70?s without sounding like a dusty retro band, because the Swedes skillfully give each track their own character. Besides obvious Hard Rock musical influences THE GRAVIATORS combine various Doom and Stoner Rock elements to give each track a pleasant level of heaviness. Without doubt, THE GRAVIATORS will present themselves to a much larger audience with “Evil Deeds” .

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