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“One More For The Road Tour 2018”
28.09.2018 Burglengenfeld, VAZ
29.09.2018 Kaiserslautern, Kammgarn
05.10.2018 Konstanz, Kulturladen
06.10.2018 Abstadt, Rockin Autumn Festival
11.10.2018 Prag (CZ), Nova Chmelnice
12.10.2018 Leipzig, Hellraiser
13.10.2018 Reichenbach/Fils, Die Halle
19.10.2018 Burgrieden, Riffelhof
20.10.2018 Kempten, Rock The Box
26.10.2018 Ingolstadt, Eventhalle Westpark
31.10.2018 Miami/Key West/Nassau (US), The Kiss Kruise
01.11.2018 Miami/Key West/Nassau (US), The Kiss Kruise
02.11.2018 Miami/Key West/Nassau (US), The Kiss Kruise
03.11.2018 Miami/Key West/Nassau (US), The Kiss Kruise
04.11.2018 Miami/Key West/Nassau (US), The Kiss Kruise
05.11.2018 Miami/Key West/Nassau (US), The Kiss Kruise
10.11.2018 Senkel, Stans (CH) Urrock Festival
16.11.2018 Stockholm/Aland (SE), Rock at Sea Cruise
21.11.2018 Carlisle (UK), Brickyard
22.11.2018 Grimsby (UK), Yardbirds
23.11.2018 Troon (SCO), Winterstorm Rock Weekender
24.11.2018 Sheffield (UK), Corporation
25.11.2018 Newcastle (UK), Trillians
27.11.2018 Bristol (UK), Louisiana
28.11.2018 Southampton (UK), 1865
29.11.2018 London (UK), Underworld
30.11.2018 Manchester (UK), Rebellion
01.12.2018 Cardiff (WAL), Fuel
02.12.2018 Bilston (UK), The Robin 2
07.12.2018 Siegburg, Kubana
08.12.2018 Oberhausen, Nikolaut Festival
12.12.2018 Strasbourg (FR), La Laterie Club
13.12.2018 Lyon (FR), Le Blogg
14.12.2018 Limoges (FR), Festival De Noel
15.12.2018 Paris/Savigny (FR) – Le Temple – L`Empreinte
20.12.2018 Innsbruck (AT), Hard Rock Cafe
21.12.2018 Wien (AT), Szene (Support von THE WEIGHT)
Pack your bags, let’s travel back in time; 30 years, to the good old times of Hard Rock. With “One More For The Road” THE NEW ROSES manage to take this leap in time with absolute serenity. They outclass the bulk of the erstwhile top of the scene! With phenomenal hearty hymns like the first single “Every Wild Heart”, “Forever Never Comes” or the second single for the track “Life Aint Easy (For A Boy With Long Hair)“, these guys from Wiesbaden share a feeling of stepping into endless freedom. It’s nothing more than overwhelming how shattering their riff tornados rip through the body. Singer Timmy Rough churns out the power of David Lee Roth while his instrumental forces deliver the distinct and raw rock’n’roll of Guns N’ Roses next to the tightness of AC/DC.
All killer no fillers: even their three bonus songs ” Do I Look Scared”, “The Storm” und “Nitro Nights” are just as good as the other tracks on the album Endorphin boosts guaranteed – a rush for the never ending party. Definitively a must-have for every well-assorted record cabinet!

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