WinRAR 3.50 beta 6 Release!

RAR – What’s new in the latest version
Version 3.50 beta 6
1. Numerous fixes in Windows x64 context menu support.
2. If any other software is already associated with JAR files, WinRAR installer turns off the default state of “Associate WinRAR with JAR” option.
Version 3.50 beta 5
1. WinRAR is able to integrate to Windows context menus also on Windows x64 systems.
2. “Repair” command is able to reconstruct archive headers structure in archives containing the high precision file time or encrypted file data even if they do not have the recovery record. Previously “Repair” worked for such archives only if they contained the recovery record.
3. Bugs fixed:
a) in Windows XP and 200x after turning “Show Password” option on and off the password dialog used a wrong symbol (asterisk instead of big dot) to display entered characters;
b) RAR returned the zero exit code (success) after issuing “You need to start extraction from a previous volume to unpack the file” warning. It returns 1 (warning) code now.
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