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KONTRUST – Hey DJ! | Napalm Records

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KONTRUST „Second Hand Wonderland”
Limited Edition 6-Page Digipack incl. 3 Bonus Tracks!
12 December – PARIS, Le Trabendo
13 December – STRASBOURG, La Laiterie
14 December – LYON, Le Ninkasi Kao
16 December – LONDON, The Underworld Camden
Tickets Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon : https://goo.gl/Rf8yNo
Tickets Londres : https://goo.gl/9s1rA4
Highly Explosive Crossover. Millions of YouTube views, recurring international festival performances, sold-out venues, top chart placements, and top honors at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards… One can only be referring to the crossover masters, KONTRUST. Their latest album, “Second Hand Wonderland”, delivers yet another explosive mix of playful and innovative songs. With breathtaking speed, appealing grooves meet catchy choruses and heavy guitars cavort with sweeping melody lines. Tracks like “The Butterfly Defect”, “Falling”, and “Bad Betrayer” soon become favorites, revealing myriad nuances with each new run and showcasing the band’s strength: experimental appeal. Once again, Agata and Stefan take center stage to deliver their fiery vocal interactions. The fantastic production allows the tracks to played as loudly as they should be without ever losing depth nor clarity. Those who believe that innovation has ceased to exist in the world of crossover, should allow themselves to be pleasantly surprised by KONTRUST. The band has an ace up their sleeve!
produced by:
Florian Neiss
Jan Gruber
Benjamin Strobel

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