ZODIAC - Downtown (Official) | Napalm Records

ZODIAC – Downtown (Official) | Napalm Records

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Directed & edited by Hans Fischer DP: Daniel Erpilev Produced by Loift.Films www.loift-films.de
ZODIAC already made huge waves with their first sign of life and their debut EP was awarded the “Demo of the Month” honors in the German magazines Visions and Rock Hard.
The album debut “A Bit of Devil” confirmed the status of the Heavy Rock band — who add a lot of Blues to their sound — and made ZODIAC a constant in the scene. “A Hiding Place” continues the tradition of big riffs and mighty hooklines. Like no other band, ZODIAC knows how to combine insanely-melodic guitar work, groovy drums and sweeping vocal lines to an unforgettable sound experience. This is where the best of the 70s meets the modern world. “A Hiding Place” is undoubtedly the birth of a Heavy/Blues Rock legend! This band will be HUGE — you heard it here first!
A grandiose masterpiece of Heavy/Blues Rock!

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