DUST BOLT - Violent Abolition | Napalm Records

DUST BOLT – Violent Abolition | Napalm Records

ORDER the limited vinyl editions of DUST BOLT’s Debut album „Violent Demolition”! Only available through the Napalm Records Online Store!
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Regular CD http://shop.napalmrecords.com/violent-demolition.html
The Thrash Metal debut of 2012! DUST BOLT demonstrate with their debut album “Violent Demolition” that they are hungry, bursting with energy and highly explosive! The love for Bay Area Trash Metal is evident in the songs of the German quartet, but the use of modern elements gives their sound a highly unique character. The songs are aggressive, furious and reminiscent of old Thrash Metal classics of the likes of KREATOR, SLAYER or TESTAMENT! DUST BOLT was able to win over nobody less than SEPULTURA’s Derrick Green to participate on the track “Deviance” for the perfect finishing touch! Andrei Bouzikov (Municipal Waste) provides the fitting artwork to the excellent debut album. “Violent Demolition” lives up to its promise – Thrash Metal that takes no prisoners!

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