F.K.Ü. - Black Hole Hell | Napalm Records

F.K.Ü. – Black Hole Hell | Napalm Records

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Killer Old School Thrash Metal with Class and Humour from Sweden. The Swedish Horror Metal Mosh band are about to paint the town red with their latest offering. Over the course of a very intense hour, the listener will be haunted by rapid tracks and razor-sharp riffs. There’s no chance to take a breather, when the bloodthirsty bunch revolving around Larry Lethal are calling to mosh! Even fans of other genres will immediately be transformed into Die-Hard Moshoholics and will crave for more songs just like zombies will crave for the brains of the living. With a perfect grasp for heavy grooves and lethal melodies, F.K.Ü. puts the pedal to the metal from the very first to the last second! Are you ready to get moshed?

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