FEJD - Den Skimrande | Napalm Records

FEJD – Den Skimrande | Napalm Records

Limited Edition with Bonus Track and Fejd band logo patch.
Sweden´s enchanting and arguably most authentic Northern Folk Band have just released the first video “Den Skimrande” from the upcoming album “Nagelfar” to be released on May 31th.
The band revolving around the brothers Rimmerfors return with their third album. On their latest longplayer “Nagelfar”, FEJD proves once more to be among the masters in the genre of authentic folk music. The Swedish musicians combine classic and authentic folk instruments with the sound of Metal drums to create a sweeping mix of beautiful nature mysticism. The beautiful and characteristic vocals soar above the music and bring the listener into world of myths and legends.
Your ticket to the world of myths and legends! Folk Metal from Sweden!
The video “Den Skimrande” was produced, written and directed by Mathias “Matte” Hjelm. Produced in collaboration with Napalm Records, Daniel Ström and Fejd.
The video was shot in the outskirts of Trollhättan, Sweden and in the smithy at Innovatum Trollhättan, Sweden.
Producer, director and script: Mathias “Matte” Hjelm
Photography camera 1, co-producer and editing: Daniel Ström
Photography camera 2 and light: Tor-Björn “T-B” Amilon
Storyboard, still photography, costume, catering and runner: Nicklas Hjelm
Mask: Linda Eriksson, Malin Larsson and Tova Johansson
Light assistant and runner: Jimmy Amilon
Electrician and scenographic assistant: Ingvar Henriksson
Electrician assistant: Leif Henricsson
Actor “Den Skimrande”: Jenny Mortensen
Actor “Hel”: Ida Johansson
Extras/”Diser”: Ebba Malmberg, Patricia Bergsten, Sophie Wikman, Annie Särka and Jenny Lindkvist
Still photography, “behind the scenes”: Johan Bonde
The team would like to especially thank:
Napalm Records, Fejd, Innovatum Trollhättan, Lennart och Turid Almroth, friends and families for their support!

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