LIV KRISTINE - Skintight (Official)

LIV KRISTINE – Skintight (Official)

With “Skintight”, a remarkable voice leaves a lasting mark in the world of music: Liv Kristine’s voice sounds and time stands still.
Certain albums cannot be simply heard casually, as they leave a lasting impression. Certain albums captivate the listener with such intensity that he becomes part of the music himself. Liv Kristine’s “Skintight” is one of these rare artistic works of handcrafted pop.
The Norwegian manages to create an oasis of authenticity with her third solo album. Guitars and percussion solely build the foundation upon which to celebrate her fascinating vocals. This conscious Spartan presentation allows for a surprising emotional journey. The title track “Skintight”, or the darker hit “Boy at the Window”, are rocking mid-tempo tracks that contrast the more touching ballads such as “Twofold” or the lively “Wonders”.
Liv Kristine achieves the impossible by creating a studio album with an incredibly real live atmosphere. On the ballad “The Rarest Flower” her voice seems to hauntingly brush up against the skin. Each song represents a facet of a diversified life. Liv’s voice gives us her sense of freedom (“Train to Somewhere”), her strength (“Life Line”), and her sincere love (“Love in Grey”). She opens up her soul for the world to see. Liv Kristine sings longing into our consciousness, allowing us to break away from the humdrum of daily life.
Liv Kristine’s musical works encompass a Grammy nomination in 2005, myriad top chart placements, and the title songs to the cult television series “Tatort” and “Schimanski”. Her current album speaks to her musical greatness. Through intelligent songwriting skills, her songs wake the desire to walk barefoot over a dirt road, feel the snow melt in your hands, or experience the summer rain on your skin. It simply allows one to feel again and after hearing this album, one is born anew. With indescribable ease, “Skintight” frees the senses and allows desire to enjoy life to the fullest.
Directed and produced by Patric Ullaeus
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