PYOGENESIS - Every Man For Himself...And God Against All // official clip // AFM Records

PYOGENESIS – Every Man For Himself…And God Against All // official clip // AFM Records

Pyogenesis – Every Man For Himself … And God Against All (2017) // official clip // AFM Records
Taken from the album “A Kingdom to Disappear”, released February 24th, 2017. Pre order here and choose your shop:
+++ PYOGENESIS In the dead of winter‘ Tour +++
02.11.17 (RUS) St. Petersburg, Zoccolo 2.0
04.11.17 (RUS) Moscow, Brooklyn Hall
05.11.17 (UKR) Kiev, Monte Ray
10.11.17 (GER) Weissenhaus, Metal Hammer Paradise
12.01.18 (GER) Hannover, Glocksee
13.01.18 (GER) München, Backstage
18.01.18 (CHI) Zürich, Dynamo
19.01.18 (GER) Würzburg, B-Hof
20.01.18 (GER) Bochum, Rockpalast
01.02.18 (GER) Osnabrück, Bastard Club
02.02.18 (GER) Cottbus, Glad House
03.02.18 (GER) Chemnitz, Talschock
02.03.18 (GER) Siegen, Vortex
08.03.18 (GER) Weinheim, Cafe Centra*l
09.03.18 (GER) Saarbrücken, Garage*
10.03.18 (GER) Mönchengladbach, Kultube*
24.03.18 (FRA) Paris/Savigny-le-Temple, L’empreinte*
* with Dagoba
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