MAMMOTH MAMMOTH - Sleepwalker (Official Video) | Napalm Records

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH – Sleepwalker (Official Video) | Napalm Records

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Out April 28
Sweaty, raucous and out-of-control!
Our favourite dirt rockers from Australia deliver another powerful addition to their long list of prior convictions with MAMMOTH MAMMOTH』s Mount The Mountain.
Its cover features a barely clad desert siren peering over her terrain to either seduce or render a hellish curse upon those poor souls she lures.
Aptly, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH』s new Album, echos the same 『one-two』 combo, with eleven power-fisted tracks that threaten to blow your mind – and smack you in the ear hole!
Stompers like Sleepwalker, Spellbound, Hole In The Head and Kickin』 My Dog, gate crash there way into a sweaty, raucous, out-of-control, house party that』s been thrown by bunch of zombie bikers – and Mikey Tucker has just taken over as DJ.
Then there』s the unsettling menace of songs like; Epitome, Wild and Dead and title track, 『Mount the Mountain』 -that lead us blindfolded into a hellish inferno of psyched-out riffs, and debauched, fist-pumping anthems. Here you realise that danger is your saviour, and that fear is the party starter.
Then, as you stagger out – head spinning, blinking into the cursed daylight – dazed, confused, looking for your pants – booze on your breath and a grin on your face – you will at least have learned this: You never know where the party will take you until you mount the mountain.

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