EPICA - Victims of Contingency (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

EPICA – Victims of Contingency (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Victims of Contingency is taken from the EPICA album The Quantum Enigma. Order at: http://smarturl.it/EPICA-Quantum
Catch Epica on the European Enigma Tour. Tickets and limited VIP bundle are available http://www.epica.nl/tour
The European Enigma Tour Leg 1
20-11-14 Kulturfabrik Luxembourg Luxembourg
21-11-14 La Laiterie Strasbourg France SOLD OUT!
22-11-14 X-TRA Zurich Switzerland
24-11-14 Alcatraz Milan Italy
25-11-14 Orion Rome Italy
26-11-14 Le Moulin Marseille France
28-11-14 Shoko Madrid Spain
29-11-14 Paradise Garage Lisbon Portugal
30-11-14 Hard Club Porto Portugal
02-12-14 Apolo Barcelona Spain
03-12-14 Bikini Toulouse France
04-12-14 Rocher de Palmer Bordeaux France
06-12-14 The Forum London UK
07-12-14 Vredenburg Utrecht The Netherlands
28-12-14 Mood Indigo ITT Bombay Mumbai India
The European Enigma Tour Leg 2
15-01-15 Zeche Bochum Germany
16-01-15 Markthalle Hamburg Germany
17-01-15 C-Club Berlin Germany
19-01-15 Hellraiser Leipzig Germany
20-01-15 Meet Factory Prague Czech Republic
22-01-15 Eter Wroclaw Poland
23-01-15 Progresja Warsaw Poland
24-01-15 Petofi Hall Budapest Hungary
26-01-15 Arena Vienna Austria
27-01-15 Theaterfabrik Munich Germany
29-01-15 Olympia Paris France
30-01-15 Salle des Fêtes de Thônex Geneva Switzerland
31-01-15 Essigfabrik Cologne Germany
01-02-15 Ancienne Belgique Brussels Belgium
The South American Enigma Tour
26-02-15 Teatro Nacional Casa de la Cultura Quito Ecuador
28-02-15 Teatro de la Uni Lima Peru
03-03-15 Bar Opinião Porto Alegre Brazil
04-03-15 Master Hall. Curitiba Brazil
06-03-15 Fundição Progresso Rio De Janeiro Brazil
07-03-15 Music Hall Belo Horizonte Brazil
08-03-15 Audio Sao Paulo Brazil
12-03-15 Teatro Caupolican Santiago Chile
13-03-15 Teatro Flores Buenos Aires Argentina
03/04/05-04-15 WitchFest Pretoria South Africa
EPICA Music and merchandise: http://smarturl.it/epica
EPICA music from iTunes: http://smarturl.it/EPICA-Quantum-iTunes
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Kunststoff Kollektiv – www.kunststoff.nl
Director: Remko Tielemans
Producer: Maurice Tromp
DOP: Pim te Poel
Styling: Angela Kuperus
Masks: Nicole Baars
Styling assistant: Channa Ringeling
Wardrobe band: Mirte van Wijngaarden
Wardrobe Simone: Rebecca Ward
Lighting: Kunststoff Kollektiv
Grip: Erik Könst / Custom-Grip
Setdressing: Erik Könst and Remko Harms
Actor: Barend de Voogd
Concept: Kunststoff Kollektiv
Editing: Remko Tielemans
Color Correction: Pim te Poel
Special Thanks to: Jan Luteijn
Dedicated to: Tony, the Kingdog, died of status epilepticus / 27-04-2011 – 18-10-2014 / RIP

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關於 窮苦人家的小孩

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